Wilson 11 Sledge Hammer 130 TI Squash Racquet

Wilson 11 Sledge Hammer 130 Ti Squash Racquet is one of the most famous Wilson squash racquet of all time. This racquet is developed using titanium durability and graphite playability.

Weight of this racquet is 130 grams and head size of 77.5 sq.in/495 sq.cm. This racquet is ideal for Intermediate or Advanced players and is developed from Air Lite Alloy. The control of the racquet is very good and feels very light. (See more details on Amazon.com!)

For more driving power head of this racquet is made heavy yet it is a lightweight racquet. It makes a noise like a bang when it hits the ball.

Product Features

  • WEIGHT: 130 grams.
  • HEADSIZE: 77.5 sq.in./495 sq.cm.
  • BALANCE: 37 cm/Head heavy.
  • FOR: Intermediate/Advanced player
  • All time best selling Wilson squash racquet.

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