Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racket Review

The much acclaimed Flexpoint technology is responsible for the qualities of Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racket which is well known for: toughness and durability. The racket is also highly flexible and has a more appealing shape than a conventional racket. This racket weighs about 130g. The head size is 500 centimeters square.

Racket design has conventionally concentrated on making rackets stiffer as a means of making them tough enough to withstand heavy impacts. But while doing this has been good for power, it has often meant that the rackets were stiff and difficult to control, a major point of concern for high level professional squash players. This problem of plenty of power but little flexibility has been solved by Flexpoint technology. Flexpoint technology is a combination of dimple and hole. The dimple is well-engineered to give the racket superior flexibility. The beam height has been reduced by about 25%. The racket has two precisely engineered holes that are strategically placed on the racket’s head at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. These two holes act in unison and impart to the racket superior power.

The Head Flexpoint has a 12/17 string pattern. The balance is even at 370 mm. It is made up of very long strings that impart immense power to the racket and compliment the frame’s tear-drop shape. Surprisingly enough, the holes and dimples of Head Flexpoint 130 do not adversely affect its durability. The racket is ideal for generating those tough wall drives and wonderful nick shots! The Head Flexpoint 130 is mid weight and evenly balanced. It feels rather head light although this is rather subjective and different users have different views. But this is not something you will easily notice given the speedy blasts you will get from it. While using the racket, it is advisable to go for an over-grip since the stock that comes with the racket is not particularly long-lived. But grips are generally cheap so don’t let this worry you too much.

Contrary to common misconception, this racket is not just for pros; intermediate players are bound to find it a pleasure to use. Beginners, however, would probably be better served by its closer brother the Head Flexpoint 150. The Head Flexpoint 150 comes with an extra 20 grams and this can be of help to a beginner not accustomed to mid-weight rackets. Women and children generally prefer lighter rackets and the Head Flexpoint 130 is just perfect for them. Sophisticated players tend to find it a bit sluggish but a good number of them will go for the Head Flexpoint 130 any day as opposed to more expensive but not-so-good rackets in its category.

It is available at the Squash Pro Shop. At that excellent price, it is hard to find a racket that even comes close to the Head Flexpoint 130. Racket enthusiasts can also find better deals with Sports Authority coupons that are available online. A good number of rackets in its weight category cost twice as much but deliver less-than-stellar performances. The Head Flexpoint 130 really is great value for money.

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