If you are an advanced or a growing squash player and if you are looking for a well-made squash racquet, then the Liquidmetal 140 (ICO) squash racquet is the one you are looking for. That is the reason why it is endowed with all the important features of a well-made racquet.

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Liquidmetal Squash Racquet

In fact it is a squash racquet made for the winners. You can take it on your squash tours. The specialty of this racquet is that it survives and endures long and fast strokes. You would certainly feel proud to have it in your kit bag and you would be sure to take your game to the next level. The Liquidmetal 140 (ISO) Squash Racquet is made especially for squash professionals and advanced learners alike.

Its head size is approximately 470 square centimeters. The product weighs 140gms. The uniqueness in Liquidmetal technology lies in the fact that it imparts pure energy and extraordinary power to the rocket. The racquet is characterized by the sweetspot construction that gives more stability and offers durability. This technology also adds new shape to the product that enhances its power and endurance. The Liquidmetal 140 (ICO) Squash Racquet is priced at $69.85.

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