Injuries are a common risk in any game and avoiding the wounds or injuries while playing the sports is essential. Squash is a type of indoor game played very quickly moving in different directions and speed. Initially squash was treated as aerobic sport. As injuries are quite common in games, squash is no exception. It is very popular sport which requires physical fitness from the head to toe. However, by maintaining physical fitness you can avoid most of the injuries.

Some Of The Common Squash Injuries

Back injury and neck injury: Pain occurring in the back may be experienced over entire area of the back buttocks, thigh, foot and leg. The pain in the leg is called sciatica. All the back pains can be solved over a period of time with good physical fitness. If the pain is prolonged for long time then it becomes difficult to sit, bend and sleep may also get disturbed. You can get relief by standing upright, and walking. Even after doing certain exercises it is advisable to consult a good physician.

Neck pain may be experienced evenly all through the back of your neck which may be a discomfort. All the neck problems may be solved over a period of time. By going through some diagnosis process like X-rays, scans, the root of the problem can be known. You can get relief by doing some exercises like drawing your head back, sitting straight with head straight.

Wrist strain injury: These injuries mainly occur with the strain in the wrist. Wrist strain makes using the hands difficult. Wrist pain if neglected may lead to the wrist arthritis. Wrist supports and wrist wraps are much helpful in giving the relief and relieve from the pain, these also reduce the pains. By using the wrist support and wrist wraps you can get back to normal. The wrist wraps which you use should be light weight.

Shoulder and calf pain: back side region of the leg below the knee is known as the calf. This pain occurs when involved in the sport. At the calf you may experience the swelling and strain. To be relieved from the swelling of the calf you can apply ice and heat to the affected areas. You can also rotate your leg clock wise and in anti-clockwise direction which will certainly relieve you from pain.

Some of the other squash injuries are eye injuries, low back injuries, groin injuries, ankle injuries, upper arm, lower arm, upper leg, lower leg, and fore arm.

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