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Free Squash Book: Squash For Beginners

Hey there, We gone crazy! Normally we are selling our ebook: Squash For Beginners on for $9.95 but for our blog readers, we are giving away it for a limited time in exchange for a Facebook share. It is very easy just click the download link. [viraldownloader id=465] After you share the link on your Facebook,

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Best Squash Rackets

Squash is one of the most challenging sports around the world and to me playing squash is fun. However, in order to get the most fun you can get, it would be very nice to have good squash accessories and rackets. Now we are going to list some of the best squash rackets for you

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Squash For Beginners: Squash Basics – eBook

I would like to introduce my ebook about squash basics. It is available on Amazon and Kobobooks, please take a look at it and let me know what do you think. Squash is a popular racquet sport, which is played in an indoor court. This sport has evolved in isolation from its counterparts, which share

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Common Squash Injuries

Squash is a fast-paced sport which requires constant changes in direction and speed. As a result of this injuries can be common, tending to affect the feet, knees, legs and hips. Foot Injuries Common foot injuries sustained in squash include plantar fasciitis, torn Achilles tendon and Achilles tendonitis. Plantar fasciitis causes pain to develop towards

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Wilson 11 Sledge Hammer 130 TI Squash Racquet

Wilson 11 Sledge Hammer 130 Ti Squash Racquet is one of the most famous Wilson squash racquet of all time. This racquet is developed using titanium durability and graphite playability. Weight of this racquet is 130 grams and head size of 77.5 This racquet is ideal for Intermediate or Advanced players and is

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Jahangir Khan v Jansher Khan : British Open Squash Final 1991

10 years in a row. Jansher Khan won the championship 10 years in a row. Following video is the final game of British Open in 1991. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to see the ball

Wilson Hammer 145 Squash Racquet

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket features a hyper carbon construction that creates ultra stiffness in an ultra light frame for maximum maneuverability and power. The Wilson Hammer system contributes to the ultra light construction creating a head heavy balance that is perfect for creating increased power to compliment the maneuverability. Power Holes uniquely designed

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Best Selling Squash Rackets

I think that it is a good idea to make a list of best selling squash rackets for our readers to keep following. The list of top selling squash rackets is based on the numbers selling on Amazon. I have listed the most selling squash rackets to the least but it does not necessarily mean

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