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Squash Tip: How to Watch the Squash Ball During the Game[Video]

Effective way to watching the squash ball during the game is very crucial and in the following video you can findsmall but very important tips. Watch it. Hope you like it and please share it with your friends!

SQUASH 2020: Support for Squash to Become Part of the 2020 Olympic Games

SQUASH 2020 is a campaign to coordinate support for Squash to become part of the 2020 Olympic Games. As SquashRacketReviews.Net, we are supporting it and we encourage you to support it as a Squash player and Squash lover as well

Prince Air Stick 140 Squash Racket Review

Prince Air Stick 140 Squash Racket is a lightweight racquet which provides ultimate shock absorption, stability and power. To provide more stability it is made by mixing Triple Threat with Tungsten which is a strong dense metal. Head size of this racket is 74.5in/480cm and it weight is 140g unstrung. String pattern in prince air

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Head Metallix 130 Squash Racquet Review

Head Metallix 130 Squash Racquet has everything you’re looking for – power, maneuverability and control. Featuring Flex point construction and Metallix technology, this racquet will immediately have you hitting your best shots more often. It provides a balance of 14.6in/370mm and head size of 77.5 in2/500 cm2. Lenghth of the racquet is 27 in and

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